How much will a website cost?

The answer unfortunately is “It Depends”.  There are so many variables when it come to websites that it is very difficult to give you a solid bid for a website. When you build a website there are many factors. There is a Domain name that at the time this article was written has a fairly fixed cost about $10 per year and hosting from $5 per month to $25 per month.  The part that is difficult to price is the design and maintenance of the website. We do have examples at the bottom of this page that display prices of website design that we have completed.

The Design

The design of the website can be very different than the look and feel of the website. The look and feel can be a few pictures, text, buttons and an appealing color.  A simple look may be rewarding and be all that is needed. On the other hand if you need a gallery full of photos, loads of pages or an online store the complexity of the design will change substantially and so will the price.

The Material

If you provide pictures and text that you would like on your website will take less time to create the look you want rather than having Sparkys provide photos and the text in your website.  Along that same line pictures provided by you that are very large in size need to be optimized for web design and that is time consuming which adds to the cost of the website.


If you plan to maintain your website yourself you can save yourself a few dollars and you can see the changes very quickly.  You can save on your budget if you do your own updates and pay for only the updates that you do not have time to accomplish or are beyond your web knowledge.


Search Engine Optimization is an expense that should not be overlooked and can add cost to your website. Search Engine Optimization is needed to a point but those that say that they can guarantee top ranking on Google are those that provide smoke and mirrors for an illusion.  Google provides all the details on what they want and how you should optimize your website. With everyone optimizing their website to Google specifications it may be difficult to reach the top of the Google search results without having several website streams pointing to your website. Facebook and YouTube are examples of streams pointed to your website.


Websites that require online collection of data such as reports from a filled in form or a membership tracking system require much more work and in turn require more maintenance and cost.


I can provide a bid on request and remember that we must protect the economy of Sparkys so you may see that the pricing may be more than the average rate for a website to factor in unknown expenses.


Below is a carrousel of pictures and a website example. The pictures below are just examples of what we provide and each website we design is individually tailored to your needs. The price below each picture is the design charge associated.  A $50 charge would be 1 hour of design, setup and testing of a website.

$50 $50 $1200 Member Database and online Payments $225 Custom Forms and Gallery $250 Member Forms and online Payments $50 $100 News Letters $150 Online Sales $300 Multi-Level Online Ticket Sales, Searches and Video $50 $50 $50 $75 Online Sales $50 $50 $1200 Member Database, Gallery and online Payments $50 $50 $50 $100 Costom Membership and added Pages $50 $50 $50 $50 $75 Online Sales $50

Just for YOU


Each Website Package listed below is a custom creation using information, pictures, colors, logos that you provide. We will Design your website, adjust DNS, SEO, Upload your site, configure your email and give you access to make your own changes.

Basic Hosting, Design and Domain Basic Hosting without Domain
2hrs design, Hosting and Doamin 2hr Design, Hosting without Domain